Three Best Places to Study Power Engineering Technology

The best places in the world to study power engineering is where there’s 1) state of the art technical institutions, 2) energy and industrial development and 3) a high demand for power engineers. Countries that meet all three points are:


All three countries are highly industrialised with research and development high on their list of pursuits. They are rich in natural and renewable resources and energy is produced by using wind, water and natural resources. Yet with all this development and industry on the up rise, the number of graduates from power engineering technology programs is not rising at the same rate. Therefore there is a shortage of qualified engineers from this discipline ready to work in these countries where their positions are in high demand.

For example in Alberta, Canada oil and gas are the prime industries. Where there are natural resources, there is a need for power technical savvy workers. Unfortunately the growth of the industry far exceeds the number of students graduating from Alberta’s polytechnic colleges. In Australia an aging workforce and the low number of young graduates in this engineering field has left its toll. In the US where green energy has revolutionised the technology, a combination of ‘oldies’ ready to retire from the workforce and a lack of engineering graduates has left the US in a crisis situation. All countries, although highly developed with excellent state of the art polytechnic colleges and universities are in a crisis situation because of a shortage of workers.

Some of the finest technical institutions can be found in these countries. For example in Australia a student can study power (electrical) engineering at the University of Sidney, in Canada NAIT is one of the best polytechnic institutes around and in the USA one can study at Arizona State, University of Illinois; to name a few.

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